People come to My Perfect Gig to look for their perfect engineering gig and in this economy you expect people to to be relentless.   Some folks are unemployed and looking and other have a gig but are keeping their eyes open because many employers are making difficult choices and cutting to the bone (see WSJ article on severance pay).  Despite all of the craziness and stress, we saw people pull away a little this week on the pursuit of career perfection.

We had St. Patricks Day and the kickoff of March Madness this week and that led to a slight drop in how many folks visited to the site.  This is great.  This is normal.  Folks should be taking a deep breath to drink some green beer and watch NCAA March Madness.  The last few months have been a wild ride.  In fact, hasn’t there been so much drama since the Presidential election really heated up last summer.  Everybody needed the slice of normalcy brought to us by St. Patty’s Day and NCAA hoops.  This week’s events along with the start of baseball, gardens perking up and a dash of warm air will provoke people to take a deep breadth as they think about their next career move.   Their next perfect gig.

When the engineers are ready, we know there are a lot of opportunities out their for people trying to find their perfect gig.  We have great clients like CACI, Raytheon, Phase Forward and others looking for great engineering talent.   By the way, it is worth noting that I am 15-1 after the first day of March Madness.


Despite the massive layoffs across the board in technology from Big Blue to small-fry tech companies, there appears to be a streak of confidence among the masses. People in technology – engineers, software developers, IT, sales and marketing – seem to be a bit stronger through this crisis than in the past. Some of this may have to do with the bubble bursting on many of us in the dot com era. Or, it may have to do with the hope a new administration promises. More likely, much of it has to do with the stronger backbone which runs through the technology community and the better tools available. There are companies who are growing despite the numbers you see in the headlines.

For every punch a particular technology segment takes, there seems to be a counter punch of growth.
Sprint Nextel cuts while Starent Networks grows
Razorfish reduces staff and we see SolutionSet is hiring
EA does a layoff but iRacing expands

No doubt, these are examples of smaller companies but it shows you a path to hope. In addition, the on- demand tools and infrastructure available to new companies, creates a certain ease of entrepreneurship. This ease and surety to access massive, scalable infrastructure empowers more people to build winning businesses. In addition, the community interacts in a way which has also changed the game. Social networks now hang together in such a way which makes it is easier to connect with old colleagues, network new ones and find new opportunities. You can see this happening in small doses at this stage but it will grow. The speed at which people connect across social networks means that the right skills will find the right Gigs faster than ever. An InMail, a Tweet or a friend request all make the connections a little smoother when assembling a great team. Faster connections mean everybody in the technology space gets back into the game a little quicker, fueling the recovery a little faster. We all become a little tougher and worldly, ready for the next challenge.