What is a perfect gig? How does each of us define our perfect job? How do we navigate through our perfect career?

Working for a company in a job that creatively challenges our skills is the best way for any of us to advance our careers and knowledge, to advance the success of our company, and to enhance the quality of life for ourselves and our families.

For those of us in the technology space, we hope we can find a job that enables us to learn new skills in hot technologies areas. Finding a job that is perfectly matched to your skills, however, is often–and at best–an inefficient and frustrating experience.

The recruitment industry, in fact (except for very highly paid, low-volume recruiters)–makes matching employees and employers virtually impossible. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t usually have the data or tools to work together to ensure that employees and employers are perfectly suited to each other.

What’s missing is a common language that interprets and matches the words, candidates use to describe their skills with the words companies use to describe their job requirements. You have to do the work of breaking down job specifications and resumes into the key requirements. But it must go further; you must get to the bottom of what the “must have” requirements are before you can match candidates to jobs and companies to candidates.

It’s particularly hard in the computer, electronics and semiconductor industries. I’ve talked to a lot of people about this. In fact, my team and I at “My Perfect Gig” have started a company to address this very question.

So, from time to time, I’ll be blogging right here about issues relating to finding your perfect gig. I’ll talk about what skills are most in demand, what tech areas are hot, what regions of the country are booming or busting, as well as anything else you might be interested in. Please use the “Comments” below to tell me what career issues we should discuss here.

In the end, I hope to provide my thoughts on the best practices for you to follow to advance your career and succeed in our high-technology industry.
Working in a job, for a company, perfectly suited to challenge our skills is the best way for any of us to advance our careers and knowledge, to advance the success of our companies, to advance the progress of our world. Blair Heavey, CEO of My Perfect Gig, blogs on the best practices for companies to find the right candidate and for the candidates to find their Perfect Gig. Join us a MyPerfectGig.com.